Welcome to Kraniofaciala Föreningen!

Kraniofaciala föreningen i Sverige (Swedish Craniofacial Association) is an economic association for persons with craniofacial diagnoses and their families. It was founded in consequence of a project during a conference arranged by the Swedish association of rare disorders (Sällsynta Diagnoser) and is officially an organisation since November 9th, 2003.

The association welcomes everybody that in any way has connection to craniofacial diagnoses. The more members, the more powerful we are. There are three types of memberships available; one for those who have a diagnosis, one for their family members and one for those wanting to support the association.

The purpose of the association is to provide a better situation for children, youths and adults with craniofacial birth defects or early acquired disfigurements that are classed as rare diseases.

The association aims to create opportunities for members and their families to share information and establish connections with each other. It also aims to disseminate knowledge on the life situation for those people to the health care and other instances in society.

Our ambition is to each year arrange at least one meeting for the association's members, where we can meet and exchange experiences.

Kraniofaciala Föreningen is today a strong association with about 150 members. It exists thanks to all of you - and you are who it exists for. You are all welcome with suggestions, views, ideas and questions to the board. We see it as our function to keep in touch with all our members, both old and new, and to take advantage of all your knowledge and resourcefulness.

Please, let us know what you may help out with, like ideas for activities, sponsoring, organisation or things you feel can increase your participation in and develop the association. We are happy to receive pictures from our meetings or personal stories we may publish on our web site. Tips on how to facilitate the everyday life in different ways are also welcome, like how to deal with insurance companies or school issues. You may send an e-mail to any one in the board or to our Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den..TaBortDetta">common address.